In 2004, Flight Buddies was founded in response to a need the founder observed after participating in grade-school career fairs. Today, our program has helped many students find an interest in aviation, as well as foster leadership and academic excellence.


Our Mission

to inspire, educate, expose, and prepare youth for the 21st century of travel.

Our program

  • Flight Buddies is a name given to a group of kids interested in becoming 21st Century aviators.
  • Through collaboration with churches, schools, community and recreation centers, we offer a program that includes activities and lessons that support our mission statement.
    • During school year, the club meets after school or on weekends for 8-10 sessions per course.
    • During the summer, each course runs half a day for one week.
    • Meeting times vary by host site.
  • Our program mimics the training of United States military pilots, emphasizing both academic excellence and personal fitness, and our rules and regulations encompass a strict code of behavior and etiquette.
  • The program is administered through a proprietary curriculum that includes indoor/outdoor hands-on activities, experiments, group projects, guest speakers, use of interactive technology, and fieldtrips to include airports, airshows or air museums.
  • Through a series of four courses, covered topics include: basic aviation, space exploration, aviation careers, land and water survival, disaster preparedness, health and wellness, physical fitness, etiquette, and leadership.
  • Students receive supplies, materials, manuals, a glider kit, and an official Flight Buddies t-shirt.